Winter in the US



While many people will by tying their skis to the car roof and setting off for the Canadian border, there are plenty of great places to partake in winter sports in the USA.

One of the most popular and famous destinations for winter sports in the US is Aspen. Located in The Rocky Mountains in Colorado, it is a ski resort town at 7908ft elevation. While open for skiing and snowboarding in the winter months, it is also popular for hikers and mountaineers during the summer months, and boasts a plethora of outdoor activities all year. The area is a collective of two townships and four mountains, and can all be accessed using one lift ticket. Easy navigation and slopes of all abilities make this a fantastic winter destination.
For those wanting to get their adrenaline kicks in a unique fashion, it's worth spending some time this winter at Grand Lake in Colorado. This is the perfect location to try out snowmobiling, with over 300 square miles of terrain, 150 of which are specially maintained for those wanting a tame ride, and the other half are left more wild for those more experienced riders. There are trails that suit all abilities, all amongst the picturesque setting of the Colorado Rockies.
For those who love winter hiking and snowshoeing, the Glacier National Park in Montana has a numb er of trails, ranging between 6 and 40 miles long. The national park is filled with dramatic landscapes, glacier carved valleys and peaks, huge and colourful lakes, and if a great place to lose yourself in the rockies.
For those with younger kids, or who have trouble standing up on their skis and snowboards, Keystone in Colorado offers a fantastic tubing hill. This is where the rider sits in an inflatable ring and slides down the slope. Keystone is particularly good because there is a dedicated conveyor belt to carry riders up the hill and the slope is kept under the watchful eye of safety workers.
For those who are willing to travel a little further, the traditional pastime of dog sledding is very popular in Alaska. This was originally a form of transport, but now attracts many visitors every year who want to get their winter vibes in a unique way. Professionals travel to Anchorage every year in March to compete in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Beginners can take sledding tours which are particularly popular around Church national Park and Juneau.
One of the best rated skiing resort to spend your annual winter holiday at is Jackson Hole in Wyoming. With ski slopes for all abilities, an arial tram to admire the mountainous scenery from and a lively ski town with plenty of accomodation and entertainment, the mountain has everything you could possibly need for a perfect ski holiday.
For anybody who would prefer to have a warm winter, you can always spend a holiday in Miami to chase away the cold. You don't have to cross the northern border to experience a fantastic white winter every year.


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