Ladies of Hip Hop Festival



The Ladies of Hip Hop Festival is a celebration of the female characters dominating the hip hop music scene. The mission of the organisers is to allow women to express, learn, and share their voice by giving them the freedom and space and support to do so. The festival places the women centre stage, challenging the traditional mentality that men own the hop hop scene.

Executive Director Michelle, while working in the industry on a number of music videos, studios and theatre productions, realised there were only small opportunities for women in the industry as they were often in the shadow of the men, so she created a safe and neutral zone which allowed women to express themselves and to create opportunities which don't discriminate against gender. Despite accomplishing so much in her career and being such an important character for women in the hip hop industry, Michelle has had no formal training, forging her own path, and has become a motivational example for women that proves that a strong and independent lady can become successful in the hip hop scene.
Originally a dance training programme in 2004, the group behind the festival have evolved to become a driving force for supporting women in hip hop culture. As well as running three different Ladies of Hip Hop Festivals, LOHHF offers workshops, performance opportunities, international artist exchanges and public seminars and talks. While focussed very much in America, LOHHF have started building strong international connections and even took the festival to Austria in 2011. They debuted over three sold out evenings of shows and panel discussions to critical acclaim and praise.
The New York festival occurs every July, although dates can fluctuate and it is best to check the website first for confirmation. The festival is a combination of music, dancing workshops, dancing performances, panel discussions about gender equality and about expanding the narrow lens which women in the industry are viewed, dance battles between some of the most talented female dancers from all over the world, female DJ sets and showcases.
There is also an event that the festival labels as “Ladies Battle” where female competitors from all over the world travel to New York to compete in a dance-off. There are six different categories - Hip-Hop, Waacking, House, Dancehall, Popping and Breaking, which all come with a $500 cash prize as well as the highly essential bragging rights of being able to proclaim yourself as one of the world's best female hip hop dancers. The music is provided for this event by a lineup of all female DJs playing a variety of different genres such as funk and house, and is judged by elite dancers from around the world. This takes place in The Knockdown Centre on Flushing Avenue.
The festival website ( includes information and ticket prices for the event, as well as a dedicated blog which connects fans of the art with some of the artists through specialised and intimate interviews. Here, they also promote tours and performances from friends of the festival and from female artists and up to date news about the company and about the upcoming events.


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