Joshua Tree Music Festival



The Joshua Tree Music Festival is a bi-annual event occurring in Spring and Fall every year in the Mojave Desert. It was formed in 2003 and now, every May and October, allowing artists and musicians to bring together lovers of creativity in a small and intimate festival environment. The quirky national park has inspired many artists and musicians over the year, dotted with unusual fauna and wide open spaces that allow one to think.

The festivals focus on creating a family friendly environment which connects the artists to the festival attendees with passionate performers in a small setting. Performers are not separated from audience which further enhances the intimate setting. The organisers look for up and coming artists over the larger names, and the organisers hope that instead of attendees only watching their favourite artists, that they will discover a new unheard of favourite and will further support up and coming and often struggling musicians who are battling a difficult industry. Many artists who perform are being heard for the first time. The music is spread over two stages, however the musical acts alternate between them so that it is possible to see every artist without the magic ability to be in two places at once.
The stages and audience sections are well protected from the desert sun, and with small audience numbers and venues, it is possible to get up close to the stage and to have excellent visuals of the artists, instead of watching them on a TV screen from the back of a field.
Children under 10 are able to attend the festival for free and there is plenty to occupy the kids with, such as a dedicated “Kid Zone” which is particularly good for those camping with their children. Everybody of all ages is welcome to the festival, and everybody is well accommodated for.
There are lots of events to developing self-awareness, from yoga classes, a “Positive Vibration Station”, Random acts of mindfulness and a plethora of visual arts. The organisers want attended to immerse themselves in hippy culture and caring communities, and to leave the event feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, unlike other festivals which induce week long hangovers and leaver attendees in a recovery mode. Alongside this, there is plenty of art workshops, murals, sculptures, projected visuals and craft markets run by and in support of local communities. Organic food is abundant, and there is a strong focus on sustainability and healthy eating.
It is organised by a group of friends who believe that “music is the soul of life, and that art enriches and saves lives” and attracts around 4000 attendees to every event. Alongside the two annual festivals, there is now the Guitarfish Music Festival every July that runs in association with the organisers of the Joshua Tree Music Festival.
Camping and lodging is all available. More details on up and coming events as well as locations and accomodation opportunities can all be found on the event's official website
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